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Chess Mentor Learning Interface

“The only chess program I’ve ever seen which asks all the questions, and has all the answers and explanations. Any player, from novice to expert, finally has the chance to improve by leaps and bounds!”
– GM Walter Browne, Six-time U.S. Champion

Key Features:
In-depth positional analysis of every position
Lessons produced by top instructors like IM Jeremy Silman
Customized personal lesson plans
Fully-featured chess interface

Improve your chess now with Chess Mentor -
the most effective chess software on the market.



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Beginners and experts both - you will be amazed by the speed of your progress! Read more below...


Tens of thousands of Chess Mentor customers in over 65 countries worldwide have found Chess Mentor to be more fun and more effective than any other form of chess instruction or teaching. Read their comments:

“I was amazed when I first saw Chess Mentor! It is the ultimate chess teaching tool. I can now provide instruction in ways that I only dreamed of being able to do with chess books.”

- IM Jeremy Silman, International Master and Renowned Chess Author

“Chess Mentor: Perfectly pitched crystal-clear tutoring for beginner to expert players.” – PC Computing


“This is not game software – instead, Chess Mentor is a smart, friendly tutor that customizes its lesson plan for you. Whether you’re a first-timer or reaching for grandmaster status, this program teaches you the right moves. An across the board success in chess.” – HomePC Magazine

“Thank you for creating Chess Mentor. I have about 110 chess books, but I just don’t read them anymore. With Chess Mentor I am learning and look forward to it every day!” - S. G., Retired Electrical Engineer, California

“Chess Mentor is simply the best chess instruction software that I’ve ever seen. They hire talented, proven teachers, such as Jeremy Silman, and they utilize the computer to assist in the instruction in remarkable ways.” – James Eade, Author of “Chess for Dummies”

"I love this program! I've honed my game more effectively, quickly, and enjoyably with just a few hours with Chess Mentor than with a small library of chess books... Chess Mentor is the most effective way to learn and improve the game. Better than fabric samples!" - S.B. New Hampshire

“There is no program I would recommend more wholeheartedly then Chess Mentor.” – Dr. Enrique Irazoqui, Chief Editor of Computer Chess Reports

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Chess Mentor gives you feedback on every possible move on the chess board!

While other chess programs give you problems and answers, Chess Mentor allows you to understand the tactical and strategic themes and positions more deeply as you access different levels of hints before you see the solution. And, more important than seeing the right answer, see why you may have chosen the wrong answer.


Chess Mentor content is written by chess professionals and chess teachers such as IM Jeremy Silman, IM John Grefe, IM Eric Tangborn, IM Marc Leski, FM Thomas Wolski, FM Mike Arne, and FM Craig Mar.

When you study with Chess Mentor's unique responsive learning engine it is just like studying with a real chess coach. The lessons are customized for your needs and your progress is tracked to show you how you are improving. Studying with Chess Mentor is much more effective than studying with just chess books or other chess software!

Key Features

  • Unique chess challenges by professional coaches like IM Jeremy Silman
  • Customized amount of help and lets you ask for different levels of hints
  • Highlights themes, important squares, and key pieces in the position
  • Gives feedback on all of your available moves, not just the correct move
  • Allows multiple profiles for different players to receive customized lessons
  • Measures progress and scores on individual problems and overall progress