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“Today's market is overflowing with computer programs that can play chess, but it is not at all clear that your play will benefit from them. Chess Mentor therefore meets an important need, because it supplies you with a teacher instead of an opponent. This new learning tool is both entertaining and educational. With many different levels of difficulty, it should suit everyone from novice to master level.”
- International Grandmaster Einar Gausel, Norway

The Vision
Chess Mentor created a completely different concept in chess instruction. Chess Mentor is not a game nor is it a computer opponent that beats you mercilessly, rather Chess Mentor is like having your own private chess coach. This distinction is very important. For example, imagine playing chess against a world-renowned Grandmaster player. Playing games against him would undoubtedly yield constant defeat with very minimal instruction. As an alternative, the Grandmaster could teach you to play chess better, by providing scenarios with a specific challenge, to look at, to study, and to SOLVE.

The Technology
Consistent with this concept, Chess Mentor uses a patented learning environment to present you with an array of chess challenges. These challenges were crafted by internationally respected chess teachers. Each challenge is broken down into small steps. A wide variety of tools, in both graphics and text, are provided to guide you through each step of a challenge. Every move you make – good, bad, or mediocre – results in immediate feedback with helpful commentary. Chess Mentor constantly monitors your efforts and keeps a permanent record of your progress. Using this information, Chess Mentor remembers the challenges which you have solved easily and automatically provides a review of material that you have not fully mastered. New and higher-level challenges are presented when Chess Mentor determines you are ready. You will learn at your own pace without worrying about whether or not you have mastered the material or what you should study next. Chess Mentor also entertains with interesting historical background from both the lives of prominent chess champions and their famous chess matches from which the chess challenges have been created.

The Lessons
The Chess Mentor content was written by chess professionals and chess teachers such as IM Jeremy Silman, IM John Grefe, IM Eric Tangborn, IM Marc Leski, FM Thomas Wolski, FM Mike Arne, and FM Craig Mar. Imagine all of the best content from a thousand chess instructional books delivered via a fun, effective, and entertaining electronic medium. View lessons...

The Products
We offer the following four products: Chess Mentor Scholastic, Basic, Comprehensive, and Deluxe Editions. All four products provide exceptional chess tutorials from world renowned chess instructors delivered through our patented “Learning Engine” software platform. The products differ, however, in number of challenges and difficulty and complexity of the tutorials. View products...

Below is just one example of thousands of unsolicted testimonials:

“I was exploring Chess Mentor while my three kids (ages 12, 9, and 6) were watching me. They were fascinated by it and immediately took over the computer. They wanted to solve the challenges by themselves, and they were able to do the beginning challenges with little assistance. Although I have just started out in chess myself, the one thing I have learned is that chess learning usually is hard, tedious work. Visualizing moves from books is slow and tiresome, particularly from trying to set up the board to follow the moves (that’s assuming the annotations are correct). Chess Mentor’s interactive feature of letting the student try alternative moves to see which ones work and don’t work, with explanations is a wonder. Learning is seeing, and seeing on Chess Mentor, you can’t miss. It really helps the chess student “get it” instantly, and my kids, with their short attention spans, were getting it. It’s a great teaching device.” - Robert, 42, Attorney, California

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