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If you already own Chess Mentor and would like to upgrade, it is really easy. Previous owners of Chess Mentor may only upgrade to Chess Mentor 3 - Deluxe Edition. All you have to do is provide proof-of-purchase (see the instructions below) via email and we will reply to you within a few hours with a special link to purchase Chess Mentor 3 - Deluxe Edition at a discounted upgrade price. You will receive a discount based on what you currently own (see table below).

Version You Currently Own Upgrade Discount
Final Price
If you own the Chess Mentor Edition (versions 1 - 3)... you get this discount...
and only pay this price for Deluxe! 

   - Exploring and Appreciating Chess


   - Scholastic Edition


   - Basic Edition


   - Comprehensive Edition


   - Advanced Edition


   - Deluxe Edition


   - Supplementary Course
     (as purchased separately)

$15 each

To understand the table above, as an example say that you purchased Chess Mentor 2 - Comprehensive Edition and 2 Supplementary Courses. You would earn a discount of $40 + $15 + $15 = $70. Therefore you would pay $127 to upgrade to Chess Mentor 3 - Deluxe Edition.

To qualify for your discount you will need to provide proof-of-purchase. There are several easy ways for you to show proof-of-purchase:

1) Forward your Email Receipt - If you received an email receipt for your purchase, you can forward that to us at

2) Screenshot of your Program - You can EASILY take a screenshot of your Chess Mentor program by loading the program and then clicking on the "Go To" button above the board (click here to see an example image). Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the "Chess Challenges Available" window that comes up. Then push the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard (usually to the right of the "F12" button), then use Control+V (or right-click and choose Paste) to paste that image directly into an email to (or, if you can't paste there, paste into a Word document and send it as an attachment).

3) Digital Picture of your CD - Take a digital snapshot of your physical CD with serial number and disk and email it to

When you email your proof-of-purchase to us at please include as many details of your transaction as possible. We will respond immediately with a special link that you can use to purchase Chess Mentor 3 - Deluxe Edition at a discount!

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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