Chess Mentor works with Windows 7! To install on Windows 7 please follow these instructions:

#1 - Make sure any previous versions of Chess Mentor have been fully UNINSTALLED!

#2 - Reboot your computer and disable all other possible programs and utilities (including anti-virus and firewall).

#3 - Install Chess Mentor into a new directory as a Windows user with Administrator priviledges and using Windows XP Compatibility Mode.

#4 - Right click on the CM3 shortcut on Desktop

#5 - Click on "Properties" at the bottom of the menu

#6 - Click on the "Compatibility" tab

#7 - Check the box: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"

#8 - In the Pull-down box, select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

#9 - Click "OK" to close the properties menu

The program should work perfectly now. Enjoy!

Note: Windows may prompt you to install a program which will allow the 32 bit help files to work correctly.

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